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she/her & they/them pronouns

Welcome, y'all! I'm AmariYah, a facilitator and creator, living in central Ohio. I am inspired by my Granny's golden remedies, restorative presence, and love. Fluid Journey charts much of my personal healing practice while offering space for yours.


I currently offer healing sessions that combine techniques, such as energy healing (Reiki), meditation, and guided reflection, to connect you with your core self and the practice of rest. During a session, we'll create space together to learn what that may feel like for you. 

I dream about wider support for self-led healing and the ways this can positively influence our collective healing as a society. I am passionate about uncovering pathways to healing for and with oppressed communities, a topic which I discuss and provide resources for in my podcast and email newsletters

I appreciate glittery stickers, bike rides through pine forests, sharing meals with soon-to-be-friends, and processing generational hurt with loved ones. 


Along with my 5+ years of practicing community healing, my training includes:

  • an Herbal Medicine Intensive, Stonefruit Community Herbalists (2019),

  • Gestalt Training Program, Gestalt Institute of Cleveland (2019)

  • a Usui Reiki Certification (2016),

  • and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Xavier University (2010).


My work is influenced by my time as higher education professional, diversity, equity, and inclusion consultant, advocate, and auntie. 

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