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Answering Your Questions

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a gentle, light-touch and no-touch healing system with origins in Japan. This energy, also called the biofield in the west, is present in all beings. Reiki intentionally flows from the practitioner's hands to your energetic system helping to balance anything from physical pain to anxiety. Find out more about Reiki from the Jikiden Reiki website:

What Does a Session Include?

During a session, whether virtual or in-person, I will prepare and protect the space, then we'll talk about any topics you want to work on with Reiki. I'll guide you through relaxation breathing techniques and begin to send Reiki. Common reactions to Reiki are deep relaxation, tears, laughter, falling asleep – everyone is different. Afterwards, you can count on me to check in with you a few days later to see how you are. 

How Can I Prepare?

If you can, find a comfortable place to sit or lie down for your session, Gather anything that would help you feel secure and supported, such as your own music playlist, stuffed animals, an eye mask, a blanket. Consider if you have topics you want to work on through Reiki. A topic could be anything from anxiety about the state of the world to confidence about a job interview. 

How Can I Pay?

All services are offered at a sliding scale which means you choose a price that fits for your economic means. Payments are also accepted through PayPal, Cash App and Venmo, @fluidjourney. If you have questions about pricing, please email to make arrangements.

Can You Work with My Group?

Do you believe your community or small group would benefit from the support of a private energy healing session? Let’s build one together! 

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