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"It was my first ever Reiki session so I had no idea what to expect but you made me extremely welcome, heard and seen. I left feeling calm and less anxious about some of things we had discussed, knowing that you had poured your energy into me. Thank you so much again and I can’t wait to have another session soon."

- Priya

"My session was literally 'heart opening'. I had been stuffing away some big emotions to the point that when I finally felt ready to process them I couldn't - I had packed them too deeply inside. My session with AmariYah helped me to feel greater ease and release the tension that I had been holding onto. It was the nurturance that I needed."

- Whitney

"AmariYah and I have been friends since 2007 and her energy is a light in a sea of darkness. She introduced me to Reiki a few years ago. She did an energy healing session that I could actually feel. The effects reverberate inside me to this day. Book her right now!"

- D'Vaughn

AmariYah is able to give me a unique and restorative experience that has helped me greatly with my healing journey. I highly recommend AmariYah.

- Alena

I really enjoyed my recent Reiki session with AmariYah. She has such a wonderful, calm healing energy! Thank you!

- Kara

I was a little nervous going into my first reiki session but AmariYah did a really great job of making me feel comfortable and my nerves settled as soon as the session began. Since the session, I have felt a sense of relief, physically and mentally. I am really looking forward to the next experience.

- Erika

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