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Toward the Earth: My skydiving adventure

In school this month, we've been connecting with the energy of Earth and Earth's corresponding body parts–the feet and legs. When I am in meditation, I'm often shown images of dense forests, potted plants, and feet nestled in soil. Pretty Earthy, right?

What I did not expect was to connect with Earth during my first skydive. I thought for sure "airy free fall" not “Earthy spiritual experience”.

Throughout the plane ride up to altitude, tears flowed down between my smiles of excitement. Spread out underneath me were islands with purple vegetation and swirling coral waters. Above and beside me, clouds cast textured shadows across the Florida Keys. Taking it all in, I realized my body was having a moment with the stunning beauty surrounding me.

I imagine this is what people feel when they see the Northern Lights or view the Earth from outer space. It was one of the most supernatural experiences I've ever had.

When it was time to exit the (extremely tiny) plane, my instructor asked me to put my feet on a metal step outside the door. Left foot first, then right foot.

My teacher often asks us to imagine placing our feet on a landscape to feel Earth energy. Placing my feet out firmly onto this metal step would be my saying “yes” to connecting with the Earth.

Once my feet were on the step, I held my head back and we barreled out of the plane and into the clouds. I felt a rush of wind and immense joy all over my body.

Then I got to fly the parachute. Twirling down as I pulled the controls down to the left, more air whooshed past my face. I became a part of the aerial scenery. Witnessing the islands below with reverence.

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