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What if I heal past, present, and future timelines?

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Cw: colonialism, enslavement

I'm processing the concept that linear time isn't the only type of time we have. A recent example being the covid "year”. How is it that events in 2019 seem so long ago?

We know our bodies can carry information and experiences from generation to generation. I would even say I've had many former selves and lifetimes that I'm living. I'm a different me than this morning.

Accepting non-liner time has enabled me to process grief related to the displacement from my ancestral home(s).

When I engage in my daily meditation practice for school, I focus on the encouragement from my teacher, Marika Clymer, to focus on “a spark of connection to something deeper than my own body and experience.”

I am finding that spark in an embodied connection with my own African ancestry through the following gifts:

  • Free Mind, by Tems, a Nigerian singer. If you get chills listening to music, this song gets me every time

  • Moving with Kukuwa Fitness

  • The Legacy of Orïsha series, Tomi Adeyemi (Hearing the character's names, locations, and incantations spoken correctly in the audio book completes the world for me)

I look to the image of myself as a 3 year old next to myself as a senior in high school. I pass along healing to them as they propel their wisdom to me now and to other open timelines.

In my ancestral/remembering journey, it's important to me, as a practitioner and human, to find out more about the peoples and lands from which Reiki was born. In class, we've been reading about the Indigenous Ainu and Luchuan peoples of the islands around Japan. I didn't know that the Unites States military is currently occupying Uchinaa (aka Okinawa cw: military violence). Join me in signing this petition for the US military to cease construction on a new military base that's greatly opposed by Okinawans.

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