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Answering your questions about Reiki

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

‌This week, I'll answer some common questions about Reiki. I find it fun to read up on a healing modality in conjunction with experiencing it, especially if I'm working with one that's new to me. Can you share more about what Reiki is? Reiki (pronounced ray-KEE) is both universal life force energy and a term used to describe a particular healing method developed in Japan. This energy is also known as the biofield, prana, ruach, qi, or the breath of life. During an in-person session, a practitioner will, with your permission, place their hands on or near your body in a sequence. There are different styles of Reiki you may come across, such as Jikiden Reiki. How might I feel during a Reiki session? Everyone reacts differently as the intentional energy is sent to their system. In majority of the sessions I've been a part of, the person receiving Reiki experiences calm. However, someone (this has been me!) could also feel restless or slow to relax. These are all experiences the practitioner will hold space for. Also, quiet or relaxation isn't required to receive the benefits of the session. Consider talking with your practitioner to co-create a session environment that works best for you. Is it draining for you as the practitioner? Offering Reiki is not energetically draining for me, though this is not true for all energy healing techniques. If I stand or hold a position for a long period of time, the physical part can be draining. Energetic protection is a part of my practice, so that helps, as well. If you're curious to learn more about Reiki, this research study, published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, spells out how it is utilized in a clinical setting. Please let me know your questions and how Reiki feels for you! Love and solidarity,



Announcements & Resources Breathwork for Releasing Scarcity Money is on my mind lately. Maybe it's because I'm doing business taxes for the first time 🤯 This breathwork class helped me learn to move through my scarcity mindset. It's taught by Samara Kasai, a Black, nonbinary business healer. They're offering a free recording of it on their website right now. Affirm yourself with ThinkUp My daily intentions are amplified with affirmations. ThinkUp is an app that records personal affirmations in your voice then sets them to music. I like to listen while I get ready for my day. What's your Attachment Style? Curious about the meaning behind how you respond in relationships? Check out this free Holisticism class on 2/19, Cultivating Authentic Relationships Through the Magic of Attachment Theory with Taryn Newton-Gill.

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