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Connect your body with the Earth

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

More of us have hope and a willingness to create a future with less oppression. Still, it's a daily reality that these dangerous systems have material and spiritual consequences. As white nationalists plan an armed "rally" a short drive from my home, as police terrorize Black people where I live, as a queer, Black owned bakery in my neighborhood receives threats, I attempt to remain rooted in the power of connection. How are you staying connected when trauma unfolds every day? How are you processing and acting on your beliefs? I'm following the urge to embrace myself (re)establish care networks and safety plans, move deeper into my protection and grounding practices, and check in with my families to offer and receive support. We have each other.


The word grounding is popular in the wellbeing sphere. But, what does grounding mean and how would you go about it? Grounding has multiple applications in terms of healing. Also known as earthing, grounding means to place some part of your body directly on the Earth or in water. Imagine your feet in the grass or being held up by the salty ocean. Some research has found that grounding helps with chronic stress, mood, and pain. Check out the podcast this Sunday where I share about visualization and grounding which can be done anywhere! Holding you in my heart. Love and solidarity,


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