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Inviting in creative possibilities

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Hey Travelers,

I created a list of 5 podcasts and episode recommendations that ground me, keep me informed, and help me laugh.

Each one invites in creative possibilities for the types of relationships I want to have (including with myself) and the communities I want to be a part of. Perhaps you'll find them helpful too.

Ep. "Parable of the Sower: Chapter 1"

Inquiry and a soundtrack for transformation; cohosted by adrienne maree brown

Ep. "Speak with the Elders ft. Aunt Myrtle"

Afro-diasporic spiritual connection and intergenerational feels

Ep. "How to Unschool Your Children and Yourself"

Teaching me how to reparent myself, y'all; musings from Black parents

Ep. "Grounding and Boundaries"

Supporting boundaries with plant allies

Ep. "Expecting the Opposite"

How to reframe a negative thought and other bite-sized practicalities

What are some words of wisdom illuminating your path right now?

In love and solidarity,


P.S. Check me out as a new co-anchor on season 5 of Center of the Sun Podcast!

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