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Thyme traveling

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Plants are often significant in my nightly travels. If I'm afraid, I like to take refuge in a tall evergreen tree.

In a recent dream, I'm at a conference in a church. A group of us are separating pieces of scrap paper and fancy paper with the names of different plants. I try to sort them, but everyone else has their own method they want to go by. It’s a jumble. We all agree to only keep the ones that are on white paper and keep sorting.

As I move to the room where we plan to store the herbs, the scraps of paper transform into in-the-flesh plants. I see a bag labeled with the word "thyme" and put a sprig of thyme inside. I realize upon closer inspection that the thyme has vibrant neon purple flowers.

Since this plant friend took on a vivid role in my dream, I wanted to share a little about their herbal actions, which in hindsight seem very relevant to this covid life.

A well-known kitchen cutie, thyme is supportive for coughs and expelling chest congestion, as well as, reducing infection. Thyme contains thymol which adds antibacterial properties to many mouthwashes. Historically, thyme has been beloved for their spirit-lifting aroma and nutritional value. I also read that thyme under a pillow can ward off nightmares!

Have you added thyme to your recipes or teas? How does it resonate with you?

Learn more about thyme from herbalist, Rosemary Gladstar.

[image description: life-like drawing of a sprig of thyme with tiny green leaves and petite white flowers]

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