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Take time for you this Winter Solstice

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Winter solstice is upon us. A night wave cradling the future. A reminder we're on a rotating planet that moves no matter what. Keeping me grounded are the words of astrologer, Chani Nicholas (quoted in the email title). In particular her December horoscopes and cosmic playlists to wrap up the year. In my horoscope, Chani says, "You need time to attune yourself". As frosty weather arrives in the northern hemisphere, remember to shape the morning that is 2021 by elevating your healing. Wishing you health, care from loved ones, and what you need to get through. Love and solidarity, AmariYah

P.S. On this week's episode of Center of the Sun podcast, AmariYah and D'Vaughn offer takes on commonly asked questions about spirituality. Listen to the episode here!

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