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Your creative nature misses you

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

For too long, I thought “true” creativity was only for artistes. At the summer camp I worked at as a teenager, I'd admire the passionate actors and musicians at each week's opening camp fire. They seemed to be the most beloved members of the camp community for creating the summer's silliest inside jokes, nicknames, and skits. My strength as a camp counselor was cultivating belonging among my campers. I'd teach them how to make keychains and friendship bracelets for each other. I'd award them certificates for dutifully refilling the grilled cheeses at lunch or for being the hype-kid for their cabinmates at the ropes course.

I may not have closed out a week at camp by singing Wonderwall on stage, but in those cherished summers, my campers and I found value in ourselves outside of the scripts others had for us in school or at home. Creation is described as bringing into existence. What feelings do you have when you're being creative? Love and solidarity,


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